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The CMS Advantage... Our Talent Team + Core Values

Amy Alba

What is the advantage of our winning formula...

the Secret Sauce!

1. Personal Connection...Build Relationships

Dale started this business back in 2009 and has grown it without marketing, social media, etc. The Company's success comes strictly from reputation, and direct word of mouth referrals due to the strong relationships Dale and his team has with key stakeholders at every major media company.

His empathetic approach instills trust that he has the customer's best interests at heart, by finding the right solution and the right people to unite towards a common need and goal. Not only does we advocate for our clients we does this for our team as well.

2. Stay Humble

A humble leader is one who first credits the people, the cast of talent that make up Channel Media as a whole. This serves as our foundation of results proven reputation and ongoing list of accomplishments achieved with client partners.  

3. Word of Mouth Referrals and Reputation

But for those who are new to the industry or may not be in positions responsible for ramping up teams for large scale technology projects, you probably don't know about our company. Our success comes from a carefully curated team of experts and industry leaders through existing connections and referrals. So now as the generations are shifting in management roles, creating awareness is a new motivating driver towards a large branding and marketing campaign. 

This infographic shows a 1000 foot view of our super efficient client process which enables our clients to quickly scale a project team, getting the best resources in place at lightning speed. Which is a major advantage to stay on track with tight timelines. Reducing or Eliminating corporate recruiting, procurement process that can take several months resulting in delays to project kick offs and product launches. 

4. Creating Culture and Brand Partnerships

The next generation of technologist and business operations at these fortune 1000 companies don't know how we can accelerate their success. Or we could provide opportunities that leverage their career experiences to groom them into industry expert consultants as part of the CMS team. 

Because we take the time to really understand our customer needs, coupled with our experience and expertise, it leads to trust and true partnerships.

CMS' Proven Process has a stellar record of ROI.... its almost like CMS is the secret ingredient to our Client's success. 

Our new website and log brand refresh has our core values at the center and new business growth ambitions to shine a light on the success and secret sauce that will continue to be the foundation to leverage mutual success taking our team and CMS to the next level. 

We all Win Together! 

Stay Tuned for more More Stories of Success from our Employees and Partners!



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